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This gallery is full of mostly fantasy inspired art and Pokemon. I hope you like my gallery.


Full Piece
Lost in the Fearie Woods by SuperArtNinja
Vampirate? (Halloween!) by SuperArtNinja
Lost Souls Poster by SuperArtNinja
This is a full piece composition complete with up to 3 characters of your choice. This is completely colored and includes a background of your choice as well. I can do OCs or whatever you want. I will not do porn.
Additional Character (Full Piece)
If you want more characters in the full piece, use this.
Single Full Color Character W/O Background
DreamArtCore's OC by SuperArtNinja
I'll draw a single character of your choice in full color without a background. I will not do fetish art or any pornographic depictions. I'll do OC's or fanart.
Additional Character (Character Full Color W/O Background)
If you want an additional character added to the "Single Character Full Color W/O" background, use this.
Uncolored Character Lineart W/O Background
Latios And Latias by SuperArtNinja
Chinese Dragon by SuperArtNinja
THE SuperArtNinja by SuperArtNinja
A character without color or background. A clean line art that can have either a white background, or no background and can be digital or traditional line art. Will do OCs or fan art. I will not do porn.
Additional Character (Non-Color)
If you want an additional character in your line art, use this.
One Dollar Sketches
Eevee by SuperArtNinja
Chibi Lucario by SuperArtNinja
Gale by SuperArtNinja
Random Lance Chibi by SuperArtNinja
Tehe by SuperArtNinja
Dragon Wolf Hybrid by SuperArtNinja
I'm offering to do some quick traditional sketches, of just about anything, from creatures to OCs. I will not do porn. If you want something more complicated, then please PM me and we'll work something out, I will also not debate the prices of these sketches as I only make about dollar in points from each sketch I do.

Random Favourites

Random from Tales of Fanart


Early Risings by Kaivris
by Kaivris

It looks nice, but I think the colors are a little to unsaturated... For instance, I'm a little unsure if the ground after the Girafari...


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Super Smash Bros. 3DS - My Thoughts

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 4:21 PM

It came out just yesterday as many of you are well aware. So do you want to hear my thoughts? Well too bad, you're getting them anyway.Psyco 

Smash Bros. 3DS is awesome. I wasn't expecting anything less from it, but I was a little underwhelmed with Brawl, so I didn't really know what to expect. All my complaints about Brawl, those being the floaty controls, and Subspace Emissary are gone! The controls feel like they have some weight and control more fluidly as a result. The characters have been adjusted to control smoother, while maintaining balance.

The roster is wonderful. A few characters could have been added here and there King K. Rool, Chrom, Isaac, A Tales of character, Midna, Custom Robo, Travis Touchdown, Bayonetta. Past a few additions that could have been nice, it's really solid, and by no means do I count it against the game.

They changed up the play modes. They took out the Subspace Emissary, the Adventure Mode, and the Event Matches, and added Smash Run, made Classic shorter (which was nice), added Trophy Rush, and character customization. I'm a little sad to see the Event Matches go, since they were so much fun to play, but Smash Run is worth it.

Smash Run is easily the best part of Super Smash Bros. U for me. If you played "Kirby Air Ride" and then played its City Trail Mode, you will understand my deep love of Smash Run. Basically, you run in a Subspace Emissary-esque dungeon beating the ever loving shit out of enemies from various franchises (Pokemon, Zelda and Mario) to get power ups for a Final Battle. You can raise Speed, Jump, Attack, Special, and Defense. Various events and rooms you can enter will either help or hinder your progress. The Final Battle doesn't necessarily even mean fighting, it can be a foot race obstacle course, or a climbing jump contest. Meaning you have to search for your power-ups accordingly, if you know what's coming up. You can also pick up Trophies, gold, customization equipment, and outfits for your Mii Fighters.

Speaking of the Mii Fighters, they are some of the funnest characters to use. I found myself using a Mii Fighter I customized more than the characters I love. Which I was really surprised about. I was so excited to use Robin, Lucina, Greninja, Lucario and others. I use them, but not as much as my Mii. You can make your Mii fit your play style so well! I have several Mii builds for my characters, and it's really neat to see them joining in on the action. Also, they have many costumes you can put on the Miis, and that makes them even more unique! It's also really funny to fight the horde of them and see some really funny characters you've made or downloaded fight you, such as Urkel, or Professor Oak.

The stages are perfect. Seriously. The reason for this comes from one adjustment they made. They learned that not everyone likes stage hazards, and that playing on Final Destination gets boring after a while since it's the same stage, and the same music and same visuals. They added a secondary version of each stage that essentially makes it Final Destination, only with a different environment. The perfect in between for if you don't want to get bored of Final Destination, but don't like the stage hazards. If you don't mind the stage hazards, you can still play on the normal version of the map. My only gripe is that they didn't make versions of more of the older stages. I liked a few of Brawl's stages, like the Pirate's Ship, Luigi's Mansion, and Spear Pillar.

Also, the icing on the cake is that the music is gorgeous as always, AND the sound test feature allows you to listen to music in the 3DS's sleep mode via the headphone jack. It literally turns your 3DS into an MP3 player full of awesome music. Better yet, they let you make a favorites playlist and have shuffle and replay options like an actual iPod! Also, they let you customize the music you hear in Smash Run's dungeon segment.

All in all, if I had to rate the game overall, I would give it a 9/10. Why only a 9? Well, it's an incredible game, and it can't get that much better, but it still lack something. It doesn't feel like it has quite the chaos of Melee, where you didn't have a clue what was going on, and I feel that it was part of what made Smash fun in the first place. The game is still highly unpredictable, but you can't get more than one Pokemon on the stage, and the items can't be adjusted to fall at a higher rate. It's either on or off. I like a lot of items when I have them because it brings chaos and it's a lot of fun to see it. But items seem like they have more of a drop rate and feel less random, which was another part of the fun. I wish Poke Balls and Master Balls would drop a little more frequently so that I can have that chaos I love about smash. 

I'd definitely say to get it. :nod:

On another note, "Shadows of Mordor" is surprisingly really good. I can recommend that as well.

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Hi, I just thought it was high time to update my bio since it was old and a little inaccurate. I'm an aspiring comic book artist/animation student who really enjoys writing. My favorite genre is Fantasy, and I love Action with some comedy as well. I do like anime and manga, but have grown a lot pickier on what I will read and watch. I hate fan-servicey ones and find that it distracts from the overall story or characters.

I really love Pokemon, and am willing to do battles/trading on X/Y, and my Friend Code is:

My Friend Safari is Ground and contains: Trapinch, Marowak, and Diggersby

In Tomodachi Life, my Island address is:
Terramoore Island
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My export item in it is a Suit & Bowtie.

If you add my Friend Code, please let me know so that I can add you back.



Wow, I've been gone a while... I just got this.
Sun Jun 1, 2014, 2:08 AM
Fri May 16, 2014, 2:30 AM

Which Pokemon game do you want to get? 

4 deviants said Alpha Sapphire
2 deviants said Omega Ruby
2 deviants said Both
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